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Organic Waste Converter Bin : At Household Level


Organica : One Step towards Green Environment...

Let’s Make Garbage/Waste as a Resource...Let’s make our city Green and Clean

“ORGANICA” is designed to convert our wet waste into manure/compost through Natural organic process. ORGANICA has all essential elements which will create conducive environment to degrade the wet waste. Moreover odor control formula will help degradation of wet waste without any foul smell.

Purpose behind Organica :

  • Segregation of Dry and Wet Waste at household level (which is the biggest challenge Municipal corporation is facing to handle municipal solid waste)
  • Composting of all Wet Waste at household level (ie. reduction of 50% to 60% load on landfill sites by reducing and taking care of your wet waste)

More about Organica:

  • It is a Plastic Bin with 30 Litre capacity and can hold wet waste of family having strength of average 5 people  for more than 4-5 months. It contains microbe and concentrated culture along with growth hormone. Microbes helps to degrade the waste and concentrated culture will boost the cycle of composting. Growth hormones will increase microbes longevity.

What we provide with Organica:

  • We provide Plastic Bin with cultured soil and garden rake.
  • Information Pamphlet in English/Marathi/Hindi language.
  • Back up support on phone, what’s up or personal visit for any queries related to solid waste management issues on use of organica.


"Earlier I was using similar product in the market for composting kitchen waste but due to time constraints and lot of hassles in maintaining the same I had stop using it, but ORGANICA is a good concept of composting kitchen waste at home as it is very simple and easy to operate. I have recommended others and they are also happy to use and thanked me for suggesting them this wonderful product of composting at home at affordable price."--Mrs.Ashvini Dandekar-DGM in a Private Ltd.Company

"One of my friend recommended me to use ORGANICA and I am using it for past two years and I dumped all my kitchen waste into ORGANICA. Manure obtained from ORGANICA is used by me as a culture for my plants and flowers in my society garden."-- Mrs.Manisha Bhise -Accountant

"For Past Six Months I am dumping all my kitchen waste and feel good for better use of wet garbage. I am happy because of the prompt service backup for all my small queries. I always get good solution and feedback for all my queries related to composting process. I liked their approach and enthusiasm to keep me committed for composting. Once you get into their contact list, they share good videos and information which keep me motivated and committed towards my resposnsibilities and duties in protecting nature and environment.I wish them a great success."--Mrs.Gajare-Housewife

"I liked their true commitment in protecting environment. One most important thing I noticed is that the compost/manure quality I received from my kitchen waste is too good. I have used the same in my terrace garden and my plant/flower growth has really boosted and I am getting regular flowers as compared to manure purchased from nursery."--Mrs.Dighe - Physiotherapist

"I get  the pleasure of performing my responsibility towards nature by composting my kitchen waste into manure."-- Mrs.Gore - School Teacher 

Biocomposting : At Society Level

Brief about Kitchen Waste composting technology:

Kitchen waste is mixed type of waste having vegetable waste as well as cooked food waste. It is more nitrogenous waste than carbonaceous waste. Hence the kitchen waste treatment is challenging. The age old technology of vermicomposting is not suitable for Indian Kitchen waste as it has spices, oil and moreover salt and lime/ acidic nature waste which makes it unsuitable for earthworms in vermicomposting.

Hence we have designed unique Biocomposting method for kitchen waste at society level.

Biocomposting Technology :

Segregated Biodegradable waste is accepted by sweeper  and Whole waste is collected at one place where it is further processed in a machine designed especially for kitchen waste and garden waste volume reduction. With the help of our machine the waste volume is reduced up to 10-20% of its original volume collection. This waste is then dumped in a composting pit designed as per client’s requirement and availability of space. The said waste is then mixed with our culture to convert kitchen waste and garden waste into compost in next 15-20 days. The culture is especially designed looking into the complex nature of waste generation and eating habits of human beings.



Vermicomposting is an age old technology of composting organic material (Flowers/Vegetables) with the help of earthworms. Flower Waste (Nirmalya) generated from Temples or Flower Market,Garden Waste,Vegetable Waste generated from Vegetable Market can be easily converted into compost through Vermicomposting in a cost effective manner. Vermicomposting helps better plant growth and crop yield.It Enriches soil with micro-organisms. It improves soil structure and increases its water-holding capacity and various other benefits.