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Manusrushti is in to the profession of providing Environmental Consultancy with respect to Environmental related matter such as working as an Advisor to stakeholders in decision making for Environmental Aspects, Assessing Environmental Impacts and helping to adopt right and cost effective methods through scientific analysis for abatement of Environmental Pollution.

Manusrushti is majorly working as Environment Consultant in various Construction and Industrial sector. We are also working with Government Institution closely as an advisor in decision making especially when it is related to Environment of the City as a whole.

Manusrushti act as an Advisor for Environmental Planning and Management, assist client to identify the panel of best consultants for the project execution as per their requirements and also define the timelines and responsibility matrix. We work as a Project Coordinator for all matters related to Environment and its Data Management along with timely reminder for various activities.

As a Project Coordinator we work as an Expert to identify the consultants, their services and the cost effectiveness for services offered by the consultant, Report preparation on the status of work completion against the deadline set for completion of the said assignments, and the effectiveness of whole system to run the project within Environmental legal framework and also work with a vision of flexibility to accommodate the future changes in the existing system.

Manusrushti help clients in planning/formulation of Project Strategy from the date of inception till completion of the project for the sustainable development with most economical and practical solution with identification and provision for future consequence such as changing legal framework and its implications or change in technology etc.